Tusk Browser and Search

Tusk browser and search just appeared in conversations.
Interested to discover others views who may have used and kept or rejected for whatever reasons.

Tusk Browser
Tusk Search

“Tusk allows you to choose what’s relevant,” as long as what’s relevant is aligned with Tusk’s political agenda :rofl:

I’ll be honest, I’m not going to download this to test it out, but based on their website marketing: best case scenario it’s a glorified news reader with conservative outlets included by default, worst case (which is also what their marketing kind of indicates to me) it actively censors content that goes against their political agenda. It clearly serves no benefit.

Also, what’s the deal with all of these America-centric political software products? There’s a whole world of people who don’t care about this.

Admin Note: I moved this topic to the Tool Suggestions category so that we could evaluate it as a privacy tool here, not to imply that the OP intended to actually recommend Tusk themselves. I don’t know whether that was their intent.


Thanks Jonah,
I tried the search to see how it goes.
Any topic outside USA … blank screen
Tested the left and right leaning search, not being USA based was pretty useless.
The Gippai chat is the same.

As I’m in AU didn’t even provide me anything useful

I’m ok obtaining known “bias” as essentially ALL media is biased as is ALL search.
Diversity of information is empowering

lmao, I would just use Goggles | Brave Search tbh

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The browser (at least on Mac) is using Chromium 99 (over a year out of date!!) That’s reason enough to stay as far away as possible, regardless of politics.

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