Tracker Control for Android


Short description

Creates a dummy VPN to intercept traffic directed to known tracker libraries in Android apps. Tracking and internet access can be toggled and disabled on a per-app basis with sensible defaults. Additionally, this allows the user to confirm whether certain tracker libraries are in the apps at a glance and may help the user decide to uninstall.

Why I think this tool should be added

In the event the user has apps installed with tracker libraries, this will reduce the likelihood it results in app tracking being successful. This is especially valuable for apps that a workplace requires installing.

Section on Privacy Guides

Unsure, potentially device integrity or VPN

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On first glance, this seems more useful for analyzing which apps contain which trackers than for blocking them, as DNS blocking is already very effective for blocking trackers outright, and you can use it with a real VPN in many cases whereas you can’t with this. I suppose you could use this in cases where you don’t want to trust a third-party DNS server (though most probably have better privacy policies than that of your ISP), but I’m also pretty sure the Rethink DNS Android app can do this locally too.

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I think these apps that go out of their way to show connections to normal users are a waste.
And if you really do want it, there are better apps like Rethink and NetGuard.

If you need to actually see what connections an app makes, use a better app like PCAPDroid.


One thing I did forget to add is that enabling another VPN will disable the protection from Tracker Control, so it is most useful for people not running a VPN on their phone.

You mean TLS decryption? Rethink can export pcap files from ConfigureSettingsPacket capture (but doesn’t yet support TLS interception).