Tor has a new obfuscation method

I am here just to share that Tor has a new and honestly really interesting obfuscation system called WebTunnel, and it’s bit of a shame how little fanfare it got.

I’ve tested it for a bit and it seems to bypass Firewalls better than obfs4.


It was discussed briefly in a previous thread in the context of other pluggable transports. @jonah made a good point that it will be difficult to get reputable providers to host webtunnels. If the people hosting webtunnels themselves aren’t reputable, your ISP would still know something sketchy is going on since they can see the domain you proxy through.

Right… like if you download 50 GB from a domain that has a website that just says “hello world” or something that’d be kinda sus; if you downloaded 50 GB through a WebTunnel that also hosted regular file downloads on the main domain or a PeerTube instance or something, that’d probably look better.

Gotta get fediverse operators to run WebTunnel bridges perhaps :slight_smile:


Having EFF/Matrix HS/PG host webtunnel would be nice. And it should be in line with PG’s privacy goal

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Even fediverse operators do not have the combined bandwidth to serve all Tor users. It would be a great start though since they share a lot in common with folks pushing for anonymity.