Threat model for a terrorist country.

How to ensure secure and anonymous data transfer if you live on ruZZia?
Any police officer (terrorist) can come up and pick up the phone, after refusing to unlock, there will be consequences.
I need to take photos and send them to discord, for example, but I don’t know how to protect the device so that during a search, I can show a “clean” phone.

Maybe using Tella App ? Tella - Document & Protect

  • Use strong audited, E2EE
  • Avoid keeping sensitive materials on portable devices like phones etc. That means I would avoid discussing sensitive things in chat apps on my phone for example. While inconvenient you may have to turn over such devices.

It is far easier to do that on a computer, where the entire environment may be amnesic (eg Tails) or secured on a separate portable device that is both encrypted and well hidden somewhere (ie small USB ssd).

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