"The Guardian" whistleblower setup

The Guardian describes their setup for secure leaks:


The Guardian are the one who leaked a Private Key for the full Assange Leaks. See Naomi Brockwell blog post

So Assange went to MSM, hoping they would safeguard the information, and The Guardian had the audacity of saying that they thought this was just a temporary password or something.

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Never forget that The Guardian burned their source Sarah Tisdall which led to her arrest and conviction.

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Very interresting article ! So courts can ask newspapers for sources ? This seems wild in a democracy. The text however is kinda weird. It starts by saying anonymous sources are unreliable, and that’s why their use should be curbed down – but then outline a case (Westminster arm deal) where it seemed useful as it bringed transparency to the table. The language used is very high-level and abstract, so I am not sure if they gave their source. It seemed they were raided to obtain that information.