Tails OS - Persistance, and uninstalling apps

There should be a way, for people to uninstall packages/apps, from persistent Tails OS, and save it into the settings of the OS, or a command, that would make this happen.

I tried to uninstall some apps/packages I don’t use, to reduce the use of memory, and perhaps (in theory) reduce attack area, and make the experience a little more smooth, but after I reboot, the apps are back again.

But I didn’t find any tutorials, or any information, how to make it permanent, on my Tails OS (on USB stick)

Maybe there could be some security reason for it, so if I’m missing it let me know, and would you want this functionality as well?

You cannot do this, you would have to build your own Tails image from scratch:


Then you could make customizations in config/chroot_local-packageslists.

Obviously they don’t recommend doing this:

The resulting system will effectively be a fork of Tails, that only you can support: do not expect any help from us about it.


Hmm, that’s unfortunate, I think there could be security benefits to this function, but I will respect their decision, not to officially allow it/create it.