Switch authenticator application

Hello, I have a question about authenticator apps.

I was wondering if there was a simple way to switch from Microsoft Authenticator to another system like Ente Auth? All my tokens for my services are generated on Microsoft Authenticator and I would like to switch to Ente Auth, but that means I have to manually disable 2FA on each service I use, and re-configure it with the new authenticator app, which is a pain to do for every service I use (Discord, Facebook, Reddit, Amazon, …). Plus, is the recovery key linked to the auth app, so even this I’d need to update?

Is there a better solution, or am I going to have an eventful weekend?

Thank you.

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Export the seeds from Microsoft Authenticator and import them into Ente Auth.


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Aegis (what I use) seems to need root privileges on Android to import Microsoft Authenticator codes - so Ente may require the same if it can do a direct import. Few root their phones.

You are going to have a fun weekend. Consider backup methods of these codes, such as grabbing screenshots of each, or saving the characters of the code (QR scanner), etc.


Exporting your seeds does not seem to be possible in Microsoft Authenticator.

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Thank you for your answer. Apparently, Microsoft Authenticator does not provide an option to export the secrets to a file. So, I manually disabled/enabled 2FA for each of my accounts to switch app, and it works. It is just a slow and annoying process.

Hopefully the last time for this pain, given Ente Auth (assuming that’s your go to app) supports exports. Good luck.

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If you want more privacy, instead switching your app, you could use a passkey

Passkeys do not inherently enhance privacy over the combination of a regular password and TOTP as by my understanding. Its primary advantages lie in convenience and security. Additionally, it is important to mention that passkeys represent a relatively new technology and are not yet widely supported by many websites.

I use a Yobikey 5C as a passkey. Everytime I use it to connect I have to :

  • Plug the key
  • Write the password I choose for the key

Having my own passkey + the password is to me the best security I can get to access my website.

The cons is not all the websites support it