Stock or custom ROM?

Hello guys, I have three devices right now. Pixel 6a with GrapheneOS, iPad and a Xiaomi Redmi S2. My Pixel 6a is focused on security, privacy and anonimity. iPad is more focused on security and I use my real identity there. Now I want to use my Xiaomi Redmi S2 for things that require root so I’m planning on flashing Magisk on it. Queation is if I should stick to Stock ROM on this phone or go for a Custom ROM? Because either way a phone will be unlocked and rooted. Here is some ROMs that are available:

It depends on what you want to do on that Mi phone. If you want banking, e.g. Google Pay, Google Wallet, you should keep the stock ROM on that phone should you want to mobile banking because iPad don’t have NFC while your Pixel 6a is on Graphene and not guaranteed to pass Play Integrity.

If you want to “stay safe” - avoid Xiaomi/China surveillance (because Xiaomi is legally obliged to cooperate with the Chinese government,) your best bet is to go with a reputable custom ROM, such as DivestOS or LineageOS. Personally I’ll either go with LOS or do a custom build of DOS with some blobs I desperately need set to “not remove”.