Starlink ISP Privacy & Security

Is Starlink a better option than other big names when it comes to privacy and security?

There is no reason to believe they are “more” or “less” trustworthy in regard to privacy and security. If it makes economical sense, and it is a fast connection you an access that’s what really matters.

If you don’t trust the network operator, then you will need to tunnel out somewhere else. Generally VPN providers have less retention requirements than ISPs do.


Trust always seems to be the biggest issue. There seems to be know way of evaluating who you can trust. I guess if i cant trust anyone the best solution is to get off the internet. Lol.
The crazy part is privacy and security on the web is the biggest civil rights issue of our time and no one (of our elected representatives) is doing anything about it.

Maybe so :wink:

Try not to overthink it. I would check your ISP’s privacy policy, and perhaps avoid them if they have a program like this: