Standardize References to Desktop "Linux"

Using “Linux” or “GNU/Linux” can be a hot topic, and, currently, the website is inconsistent.

It’s a very minor issue, but I propose that sticking to one is more consistent and easier to define. It could be useful to include in the writing style guide, too.

I do not intend for this thread to be a terminology debate; rather, I’d just like to ask the team so that I can update references as part of my writing review PRs! :smile:

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Are you suggesting reducing the recommended distros for Linux?

No: I’m suggesting that—when we refer to Linux distros—we should consistently refer to them as either “Linux” or “GNU/Linux” distributions.

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Ah okay, that makes sense. I agree as well

The term we should stick with is “Linux” :slight_smile:


Richard Stallman rage intensifies


He can cry about it all he wants but he’s Richard Stallman not GNU/Richard Stallman.


From memory was the logic was GNU/Linux referenced to most distributions which have GNU tools as default. There are some rare occasions where that’s not the case, such as Alpine Linux. We don’t recommend Alpine Linux anymore so that’s a legacy thing.

I do agree though, just calling it “Linux” is a lot easier, and less verbose.

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Status: In Progress → Done