Correction: Linux Overview - Privacy Notes

“There are some notable privacy concerns with Linux which you should be aware of. Despite these drawbacks, desktop Linux distributions are still great for most people who:”

Shouldn’t “security concerns” be written instead of “privacy concerns”? What privacy concerns exist with Linux?

I believe saying “privacy concerns” contradicts the first statement of the Linux Overview: Linux is an open-source, privacy-focused desktop operating system alternative.

Edit: Would it be better to open this as a github issue or is this fine?

Linux is just the kernel, RHEL made a paid business out of a FOSS tool and you could question their practicies.

I doubt that is what they had in mind for the overview though as there is no mention of this at all. “Which you should be aware of,” indicates that the “privacy concerns” would be discussed in the overview. The following paragraphs all talk about security which leads me to believe they meant to say security concerns instead.