Some suggestions for additional forum rules

We are a relatively small but valuable forum community.
Unfortunally because of our size and because this forum is relatively new, this opens up the way to introducers who are not interested in contributing anything positively but rather use made up facts, derailing, concern trolling, multi account trolling for entaining purposes on the cost of the rest of us.

For this possibility it would be great, if we could have some additional rules, of course these should not put additional workload on the pg team.

Those rules could include the following things:

-add a ‘misinformation’ and ‘trolling’ option to the report function

-sanction the intentional abuse of the report function

-ban members who clearly are not interested in a meaningful discussion and who intentional and repeatly spread misinformation to discredit legit software and hardware solution & approaches
(e.g. concern trolling)

-ban new members without an activity history who behave suspiciously and appear to be combative but with the possibility of an appeal

-sanction agenda pushing, like creating multiple threads of the same topics or using wrong and discrediting facts with the goal of deliberately pushing your opinions on others

I am relatively new to this forum, but I follow the pg sub since three years already. PG has an awesome website and nice and friendly team members and this forum seems to be interesting and informative as well. I appreciate all your work!

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