Smartwatch, which to choose?

I’ve been using a Galaxy Watch Active 2 for the past years. The reason why I’ve chosen it is because I can activate it and use it fully offline and without even connecting to a phone.

Now that the watch is dead, I’m in the market for a new one. I’ve been looking at the Galaxy Watch 5 / 6 and the Ticwatch.

I want a smartwatch to measure sport activity and control music playback. Having thousands of watchfaces to choose and customize would also be great.

I don’t want the smartwatch to require login to any online account and send my data.

I have a Pixel 7 Pro running Graphene OS. Please help me in my choice.

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I use this and I am pretty satisfied.

The best option would probably be


But the myamazfit ru forum has been auth walled and there is no way to sign up.

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Probably any watch with Gadgetbridge support from a privacy perspective (AsteroidOS watches as mentioned above are included in that, but idk anything about AsteroidOS myself).

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From what I’ve read over the years Garmin is among the “least worst” when it comes to wearables/IoT stuff. They are a mainstream company not a privacy-focused company, but from what I’ve heard (1) they give you more control (2) they have a somewhat decent privacy policy (3) they don’t have a business model based around data harvesting (4) Many of the core features can be used offline/don’t require interaction with the cloud.

You can also take a look at the relevant section of the Privacy Not Included consumer guide

Open Source projects like “gadgetbridge” have been around for a long time with limited support for some devices, I don’t have first hand experience with this though.