Smartphones With Popular Qualcomm Chip Secretly Share Private Information With US Chip-Maker

This telemetry runs on the chip firmware and cannot be disabled by the operating system, kinda similar to Intel ME. I wonder if other Android SoC makers do the same thing?

I only have a phone with a Qualcomm SoC so I’ll have to block this domain izatcloud[.]net on my router, but you can try the method used in the article - monitor Wi-Fi using Wireshark - on Google Tensor (Pixel) or Samsung Exynos phones to see if these have a similar type of data collection.

Edit: There is far more nuance to this, please see my writeup:

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Why would a network location service have to collect user’s installed app list though?

Why is this news? This has been known for a while, at least I have been aware of this for years. And indeed what @SkewedZeppelin is saying this is for location services.

Might be good also to add to this that some carriers cough T-Mobile cough replace these and Google’s GPS servers so that they get the data. Once again a good reminder not to buy or loan phones from them.