Simple Mobile Tools to be bought by ZipoApps

I agree, its not me you need to convince though. To a lot of people its a replacement for their sms app, not an extra/duplicate app. Its not at random that Signal itself used to support sms, we dont live in a perfect world :wink:

That doesnt apply, we were talking about metadata since Deku has E2EE as well

Google messages isn’t a duplicate app though, it can fall back to SMS if you have to, but it can also upgrade messages to RCS+E2EE. It’s more likely that is going to be installed on someone else’s system image, as OEMs actually ship it, meaning nobody needs to install anything.

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Sure, then we go back to the fact that youre arguing Google is a better steward of your metadata than your carrier, something Ive addressed in a previous comment.

My argument is that if you cannot get someone to install Signal or something similar (plenty of people I know got burnt by Signal sending out mms without warning), its good if you can at least get them to use Deku instead of Google’s app.

That quite well might be the case depending on where you live. Even in countries with a good privacy jurisdiction there’s a lot less hoops to go through to get that data than with an international provider’s legal dept.

If it doesn’t support SMS, I don’t see why it would support MMS.

That’s generally where the problem is :stuck_out_tongue:

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Said international providers normally have local subsidiaries and are also better equipped to deal with data requests. They don’t spend months internally processing the request while their legal team bills them to think about whether they should do it or not. Companies like Google in their local subsidiaries have small legal teams, sometimes one person, paid to do whatever costs less money to the company, which is normally to comply.

It used to support both…

That’s not the case with Google. They have LERS which is a fairly s treamlined process for law enforcement.

If something is an immediate emergency though they can process it sooner.

That sounds like fun, its however a very anglo approach. For instance, here in Portugal its not a corporation that decides how it should be approached by law enforcement, they do not use that system. I know that for a fact.

I think it’s more to facilitate the upload of court documents, and that kind of thing with audit trail. Given the size of companies like Google, and even Microsoft they’re likely to have such portals to keep everything together.

Portugal is a fairly small country of only about 10 million people, so probably not a huge number of requests even come from there anyway, whereas the US has 331 million people, so there is obviously going to be more requests to be handled.


Maybe to add Fossify instead?

Any PG team members here? I agree with this

@CuriX @Qw6 See 1, 2, and 3

No we never did [endorse Simple Mobile Tools], partly because I figured this sort of thing would probably happen to them (especially after they released that phone hardware last year)

We’ve never endorsed any of them [apps by Simple Mobile Tools] because they aren’t particularly privacy friendly in any way whatsoever. They’re just some apps, that were open source. There are plenty of apps that are open source out there that we don’t recommend.

we very intentionally never recommended Simple Mobile Tools!

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Just for the record afaik Simple Apps were never listed on the PG. Ah nvm @Redoomed said the same.

Oh sorry for misunderstanding :frowning: