Google play protect real-time scanning

Google play store now does a real time scanning for apps installed from other than playstore.
This news was also covered in one of the Surveillance report podcast by henry and nate a month ago.
Its now being rolled out to all i guess i can see it taking effect.

Also you can see is it gives an option to “install without scanning”. Though there is not much to lose if you allow it to scan. I hope they would have good antivirus models to detect any suspicious apps.
Would be interesting to see how this effects the security of android comapred to a privacy focused OS like graphene OS which may run totally without play services.

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Cool, I was wondering about that.


could be great for detecting malware but if you are sourcing the APK’s correctly I don’t see any use-case tbh.

btw ANON/NERO!!!, seems nice stuff. I recently got introduced to that, will check them soon.


i didn’t try it myself much as it works only on tor. But nice to have more monero clients.
though i am much more concerned about security of crypto wallets.
Scanning is still better than not , apks could be spoofed, there have been instances , where official websites have been hacked and malicious packages uploaded as genuine.
So unless you do the task of matching the fingerprint every time , there is a risk of threats from mailicious apps

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Antiviruses in general are enumerating badness though.