Simple app to hide photos locally on device?

Just looking for a simple FOSS Android app to hide/lock photos with sensitive information locally behind biometrics or passcode. Despite how simple it sounds, I can’t seem to find any apps that are FOSS for this.

Thanks for any input :slight_smile:

Encrypt it with something like cryptomator

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Is cryptomator effective to use locally rather than in the cloud? I was hoping to keep all the files stored locally while being easy to view when needed. If it can work like that, I’ll absolutely give it a look

Yes, it’s a local encryption software

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Hmm, without being able to try it, I’m not really willing to pay $18 for a license. Do you know of any free alternatives?

FWIW, they will refund you within 14 days if you don’t like it, but I gotta agree that Cryptomator is really the gold standard for locally encrypting folders.

If you just want like a hidden album maybe Simple Gallery would fit your needs, but I’ve heard mixed opinions about Simple Mobile Tools’s apps. I personally haven’t used it, but the protection is probably just app-based and not as robust as actually encrypting the files with something like Cryptomator, so it also depends on how advanced you think your adversaries might be.

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Another option is Photok. It doesn’t have a biometric lock, but you can lock photos behind a passcode with it.


NOTE: This app is no longer developed, only maintanance.


Alright, I’ve given Photok a test. It seemed decent, but the two problems I found were that videos were very slow to load when viewing, and there isn’t any way to organize files or create folders within.

I did some more looking, and I found DroidFS (fdroid link) which seems to solve both those issues for me. It seems well maintained, so I think this is what I will use for now unless I find a better alternative.

Thanks to everyone that gave suggestions!


Get it from F-Droid

Or the izzy repo

But it does seem like droidFS is better

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