Shutdown of PGPP

As @Redoomed posted on github

Never believed they could offer what they claimed but they at least tried to address the issue.

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This is sad, it’s the only MPR we had for Android.

Perhaps there was notnenough sucscribers ? Its weird last time O checked the privacy policy, it was not great. I looked at it today and it seems better, tough the last uodate is in 2022.

Since PGPP by Invisv is shutting down, does anyone have any other recommendation for a e-sim provider?


What exactly did they do? How do they change your IMSI, surely it’s illegal?

I learned they integrated this thing in Vivaldi browser. Will it be cancelled as well?

The IMSI is set by the carrier so in theory they can do whatever they want.

I never saw the use for this really though, because the IMEI wasn’t/couldn’t be changed, so that’s still a fairly persistent identifier, unless you’re swapping phones all the time too.

Oh, so you’re implying they don’t change your existing IMSI, they’re an eSIM provider?

True, but there is a project called blue merle that exists for GL.iNet routers (Mudi) that does change your IMEI and MAC.

An IMSI is a number the carrier assigns you (your SIM card) to identify you as a member of the network.

An IMEI is a number assigned to the cellular modem hardware in your phone by the manufacturer, to identify the device on the network.

They did change your IMSI, they did not and can not change your IMEI.

So even if you had a randomized IMSI, you can still be tracked by your IMEI, which is why it never made a lot of sense to me.


I know glinet can change IMEI but I have never seen a service doing did In combination with eSIM/SIM cards that do so for IMSI as well. You will need both ro be randomized and changed at the same time to make it make sense.

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In certain countries you cannot legally change IMEI in others you can. I am not aware of any restrictions on IMSI.