Shieldcase for Google Pixel 6a


I plan to buy a Google Pixel 6a, for obvious reasons, I prefer to buy the shieldcase before the phone. Because it’s cool to have a hardened Pixel, but it’s not physically hardened :wink: .

I prefer to buy what I know, meaning Rhinoshield or Spigen, I would like to know what y’all using to be able to make my choice.

Personally I just want something durable, solid, and optionally customizable.

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I personally use the Spigen tough armor case and have no complaints!


Yeah I think I will go with Spigen as it is cheaper than Rhinoshield, thanks !

Oh yeah sry, I forgot, which spigen case did you take ? As there are several.

@d4rklynk They mentioned “Spigen tough armor”, which seems to be their more bulky option that’s meant to protect the phone more than other cases which are essentially just covers.

For the Pixel 6a, this seems to be it:

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In addition to the Tough Armor Pixel 6A case from Spigen with a high level of durability is the Rugged Armor. Slightly less popular, it is smaller in size and has less impact on the overall size of the phone when worn. You may also like

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