Setup for TV

I’m thinking about what I can do to increase my privacy when it comes to watching TV. I currently own an Android TV which is connected to the internet with a PiHole in my network but I have the feeling it’s not a good solution as it still leaks a lot of data.

I’m asking myself what the best/most private setup would be. I know these solutions exist but haven’t tried any:

  • A device with Plasma Bigscreen
  • A device with Kodi
  • LineageOS on a cheap TV box
  • Casting everything to a TV without internet access
  • Using something like scrcpy to mirror my phone to device connected to the TV.
  • Buy Pixel 8 with GOS connected directly via cabel using external display support.

I don’t want a complicated setup with a lot of different apps. I basically only want to watch Netflix and YouTube and maybe something like Cloudstream. I’m not sure about which resolutions the setups I listed above support. For example Netflix on a TV box with LineageOS will probably only support 720p or 1080p because of Widevine.

I’d prefer to also have an oldschool remote to control my TV and not use a touchscreen/keyboard.

I think most of your listed options may face this limitation given that you may not be using a certified device. Things like Plasma Bigscreen are promising, but I don’t think they have an app for Netflix for example and will probably have the resolution cap.

I’m still to hear about a proper privacy solution for this. Current TV models are already a privacy problem out of the box with their smart TV design.

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