Sending a Self Destructing photo

Hello All,

Is there a service or platform that will allow me to send a picture that will literally only allow the recipient a glance? Something in the style of This Link will Self Destruct. I see Alpaca Get, but their minimum timer is 3 minutes which I fear will allow for a screenshot. Or if you can suggest a method I would appreciate it

I’m not aware of any service like that but I just want to add: 4K 60fps video cameras do exist, so if someone wants to record that picture, they will. :wink:


Only send online what you are comfortable for the recipient to save and preserve permanently. There is no way to stop the photo being saved, the person could use a Android emulator and screenshot on host OS for example

If dealing with someone that is not tech savvy enough to defeat disappearing messages, then use a messenger like Signal with disappearing message support. Disappearing messages for (either text or media) is decent protection against the message being leaked (e.g. forensics if police take the recipient or sender’s phone,) but never rely on them as you might face a malicious recipient, as said above, only send what you are comfortable to be possibly saved and preserved permanently.

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