Secure live chat for the website / Element Chatterbox

(Forgive any mistakes, English is not my first language)

I’m looking for a safe, individual chat for a website (without registration) - I wonder if you have experience or knowledge in this topic to recommend something?

I’m looking for something like Rocket(dot)chat or Livechat(dot)com, but which will ensure full anonymity for my users.

The /real-time-communication tab, from what I understand, only lists apps that require users to download them.

The only option I found is When I wrote an e-mail to them, it turned out that Chatterbox is currently not a service but an open-source solution for self-implementation. From my perspective, very complicated. :cold_face:

If I understand correctly, I need to set gh: vector-im/chatterbox which requires gh: matrix-org/synapse to work.

It is not clear to me whether this requires me to set up this server manually or whether purchasing the option from Element plans and pricing or something like this would be enough?

I imagine that self-hosting something like this invites some configuration gaps if you’re not an advanced programmer (im not). :skull:

I will gladly accept all advice, reflections, recommendations, etc.