(E2EE Library)

Hi folks,

I haven’t seen any suggestions on end-to-end encryption SDK yet, so let me share with you this one.

It is called the Seald SDK, an end-to-end encryption (E2EE) “as-a-service” SDK for developers to help them protect their users’ data.

The goal is to go from theory to practice with an off-the-shelf solution that solves every little problem that can arise when implementing E2EE: private key recovery and backup, group management, managing access rights on already encrypted data, …

Currently, it’s compatible with Browsers, Node JS, React Native, and being ported to Golang, iOS and Android.

The website:

What do you think?

It does look interesting, especially as it reduces the likelihood of mistakes with hand-rolled E2EE implementations.

Not sure what category it would really apply to on our site though.

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Yes, this is the risk when using low-level open-source libraries.

Indeed, this would require a new category, perhaps in the service providers?