Safari collects a history of your website visits

Safari browser collects the user’s history of your visit, as shown in the photo below. This is a big risk to privacy. It doesn’t violate the minimum requirements, but isn’t it the reason you have to be left out of the recommended list? We need to think about whether it’s right to recommend Safari alone because of our obligation to use WebKit. What do you think about this


Every browser collects your browser history. It has a sync feature in iCloud that’s completely optional (and also has optional e2ee with advanced data protection turned on). This is standard fare for any browser. When you’re reading a privacy policy it’s important to keep in mind that it’s the “worst case scenario” so to speak; this is the maximum amount of data it could possibly collect. So like any kind of online sync feature, any optimal telemetry all shows up there.


Are you referring to the desktop app or the mobile version?

“Collecting” data doesn’t always imply sharing it with remote servers. Storing data locally qualifies as collecting as well under regulations such as GDPR. What’s peculiar here is that the data was gathered for analytics purposes rather than for the app’s functionality.

Looking through the privacy policy, the only thing I can see related to that is when you use the translation feature in non private browsing it sends the URL in anonymized form for analytics purposes, that’s probably what it’s referring to.