Revisit footnote next to Brave's Linux download link

The main reason for this post is I noticed that Brave Browser’s Flatpak package is now verified on Flathub. This is confirmed by this pull request by an employee of Brave:

(The official download page for Brave still lists Flatpak as an unofficial package though.)

I recall Jonah’s reply about the primary reason for the footnote referenced in the title of this post:

Given that the Brave Flatpak looks like it’s now in the hands of Brave, does this warrant the removal of the aforementioned footnote and the addition of a ‘Flathub’ link?

FYI, the footnote I have been referencing is located here; it is next to the ‘Linux’ download link after clicking on the ‘Downloads’ toggle.


I’m fine with linking to any Flatpak that’s endorsed by the developer personally :+1: