Revise statements on Gecko browsers (Android) to make security shortcomings clear

And yet you signed off on it? Not sure why you’d even mention this then.

Anyways, I have now read through or watched every link posted in this thread, and I could not find a single instance of any real-world problems this has caused.

Let’s take a look at cybersecurity problems like this from a very high level. If nobody can point to an example of this problem affecting members of the public, then it is not something which is worth stressing about for the general public.

Focusing too much on details like this which cause unnecessary anxiety and inconvenience for people is distracting us from the real problems and bigger threats. This is not a Privacy Guides-specific problem, but a major problem with the cybersecurity sector as a whole.

Most people reuse weak passwords on every site, most people upload all their data unencrypted to the 3 major OS developers, most people communicate on heavily monitored messengers, etc. We don’t even have a Windows guide yet, and we’ve spent months discussing whether Brave is the only good Android browser. What is the end goal here, to utterly convince people who would otherwise be using Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge that Firefox is the epitome of all evil and using it will destroy their cyber-lives? :confused:

People who are at risk of being targeted should have better defenses than a warning on a website, they should have direct security consultations. That is simply not the target audience of general advice published on the internet.

Feel free to let me know about a real-world example of this problem, otherwise from my point of view it is pretty much just an interesting thing for Firefox developers and high-risk users (who we specifically mention already) to think about.

Our recommendations are of course as they say on the website.

There is no need to “revisit” this criteria, as it was added 2 weeks ago following discussions which took place since October 2023. Everything here was already discussed and considered.