Firefox on Android clarification

Firefox is not recommended for Android, and I wondered why since uBlock Origin is available as an extension and can be configured just like on a desktop. (I also don’t see much chatter about that uBlock Origin extension, so I assume I’m missing something.)

Anyone have the backstory?
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From our mobile browsers page:

On Android, Firefox is still less secure than Chromium-based alternatives: Mozilla’s engine, GeckoView, has yet to support site isolation or enable isolatedProcess.

That is why we recommend Brave, which also features blocking (similar to what you’d get with Firefox + uBlock Origin) as well as anti-fingerprinting privacy features, while also being more secure because of its Chromium base.

Firefox fares better on the desktop side; however, Chromium-based browsers are generally more secure on the desktop as well.

We currently recommend Tor Browser for Android if you want to use Tor, because while gecko-based browsers are not ideal from a security standpoint, it’s the only officially recommended method for Tor browsing.


What @matchboxbananasynergy said. Firefox on Android has no site isolation and for that reason it cannot be considered secure. In general, it’s best to use only Chromium browsers and nothing else (the only exception being Tor Browser).

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