Replacement for blokada 5

The blokada 5 app on android has not got an update for more than a year, probs due to their focus mostly on blokada 6 now. Any alternatives for a ad/tracker blocker on android for a non rooted phone like blokada 5, with regular updates.

For ads, I use an Ad Blocking DNS (see the DNS page on PG)


I prefer using an app like blokada as it gives me more control on which blocklists to use and also which domains to enable or disable.

Try RethinkDNS app, plenty of control.


Blokada leaks DNS over TCP. It isn’t unheard of for trackerware SDKs to use DNS over TCP.

Some consider Blokada itself a trackerware (ref).

Also, they plagiarised code from at least one FOSS project (DNS66) without attribution (ref).


I thought Rethink did it too unless you enabled loopback. Is this not the case?

Sorry, Rethink does what?

Loopback is a power user feature for end-users to inspect even Rethink’s traffic using Rethink. I do not recommend it leaving it ON forever, as it is wasteful.

UblockOrigin is my go to for Ad blocker along with Privacy Badger.

Privacy badger is unnecessary. Ublock origin does everything it’s doing and better


Those work only within the browser not devicewise.


That entire discussion puts blokada in a bad light, and they have only themselves to blame. I am uninstalling the app right now. Will give rethinkdns a try, also helps that the app is officially endorsed by privacyguides.

I was under the impression that DNS queries in RethinkDNS bypassed the proxies unless loopback was enabled, but I guess that’s wrong.

Going ‘offtopic’ here, as I said I installed rethinkdns after uninstalling blokada. A dns proxy and a firewall with a good ui is what hit me first after the transition. There seems to be a bug though, as I decided to use my own custom doH, it seems the app does not let you use remote blocklists and you have to use local ones. Well, no problem…but the 60 mb blocklists are not downloading for some reason. Cleared cache and still does not work…anything I am missing

Some custom DoH providers (Mullvad, AdGuard, ControlD, NextDNS) support adblocking, if you’re comfortable using them.

This happens on some Androids, and we never figured out why. If you’re technical enough, can you capture logs (via adb logcat) as the downloads are started and then fail, and email it to us (mz at hello dot com)? Mention this discussion, if you do so. No pressure.

Alternatively, you can try toggling Use in-app downloader in ConfigureDNS and then attempt a download.

Some also report to be able to download blocklists only if Rethink is turned OFF. We have no clue how or why that would work.

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Gotcha. Even if Rethink didn’t, that’s no way related to “leaking” DNS over TCP.

One can request Rethink to not proxy DNS over active SOCKS5 / Tor / WireGuard tunnels by toggling Never proxy DNS in ConfigureDNS.

Ok, thanks!

By the way, the main appeal of Rethink to me, now that I’ve tried it, is something I hadn’t even heard about: split tunneling as VPN 1 vs VPN 2, not on VPN/off VPN.

Being able to separate big tech accounts (WhatsApp, Fairemail, stuff like Joplin and Cryptomator syncinc with OneDrive/GDrive, etc) in a different IP than all the other apps, VPN or not, is a major win!

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Enabling the in-app downloader did the trick! It took some time, around 20 minutes to download the 60 MB package, but it did. This app is full of surprises, did not know it had wireguard implementation. Just a suggestion, letting the user enable or disable an app’s background usage per app instead of an all app comprehensive universal rule would be a lot more helpful. Just a great all in one app otherwise!



You mean Block any app not in use setting in ConfigureFirewallUniversal firewall rules? That is some complicated feature because of its use of Accessibility Service to detect foreground apps.

We do want to inverse these Universal rules and make them per-app: Universal (global) rules as app-specific rules · Issue #720 · celzero/rethink-app · GitHub (someday…)

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Yeah, that’s exactly what I was talking about. Hopefully, one day, sooner rather than later :slight_smile: