Remove Skiff

Definitely true but Notion promised this like years ago. It’s so long ago I am unable to find it back lol.
And given they are in the AI world of things I doubt they will ever adopt it. AI needs your data to be powerful.

Have not noticed this shift, but maybe its too early to see it…

Its exactly how these huge, privacy-disregarding, companies word things… give us our data is disguised with “we care for privacy”…


Why do you think law enforcement has been crying about backdoors and the children so loudly with rubbish laws like EARN IT, Online Safety Bill, Chat Control etc.

They all want to say anyone who doesn’t agree with them is a pedophile (or sympathizer).


To give some of the news. Facebook enabling e2ee in messenger so they don’t need to monitor it. Also google who did the same thing for location history lately. They are all using it now to doge law enforcement and the costs of that.

On the other side we see all companies am wanting access to all your documents to train their AI Microsoft. Once the AI is trained it works well and local models can even have trained context. But they need data to improve the quality and analysis. The last part is the scary part where a lot can go wrong, goes wrong and will go wrong. And of course the fact that your data can be reproduced by AI when asked.
I am not sure how notion’ implementation works but I doubt it runs locally.