Remotely controlled accounts after data breach

In need of urgent help my accounts, devices are being accessed and controlled by someone. Im not knowledgable enougg to know what is possible or not but Im sure my google and microsoft accounts are controlled. This began around 6 months ago. My android ph was acting strangely. I contacted a cyber consultant and found my gmail details had been exposed on the web after data breaches from two sites I had visited. After that I became paranoid and started looking at permissions on apps i had on my ph. I played around with the settings on them and found that something was controlling my accounts. Files being sent through nearby share,screenshots being taken then apps bwing downloade tgen deleted straight after and folders being made on google drive and onedrive that I didnt do. Mycontacts being put into specific groups. Labeled and suspicious settings in messeges and contacts apps. Ive got new phones and set them up under someone elses name only to have thia happen not long after. Every night I go to bed and put my phone on charge only to turn my phone on tgrough the night to see apps being opened and used. Ive been locked out of my accounts and when I type passwords tge keyboard settings have been changed into dofferent languages or lqyouts being changed. My T.v has been infected aswell though I cannot ubderstand of this is done to me by developers that have access to all my information. My life has been ruined due to all this. Its almost impossible to believe and harder for me to explain to people when I want to be helped. I am in desperate need of help and support qfter living on fear ad a result. No atempt ti access my finances has been made iy seems only to be concerned with monitoring me. This leaves me thinking its being done by google developers or A.i. Ive done mqny factory resets aswell as buying new devices and am literally begging for help with this. If anyone can advise me how to deal with this I will be forever grateful

change the passwords of those accounts and any emails linked to those accounts. Add 2fa if you have not done so already.

lots of services can look for exposed credentials if you are worried about this. You could start by checking

If you are concerend you phone is comprimised you should make the needed backups and then factory reset your phone.

Honestly if everything your saying is correct it sounds like something on your home network has been infected by a malicious program. You need to disconnect all your devices from your home network, and from the internet until they have been wiped and reimaged. Change your networks password, backup your devices, and then factory reset / re-image any devices that was connected to that network.


Let me copy & paste my advice to a previous post like this:

Assuming someone else is accessing your phone the factory reset alone is not enough:

  • factory reset your phone again, make sure the latest OS/updates are installed
  • DO NOT install ANY apps yet
  • create new passwords for your router (login and WiFi!) AND phone AND your Google account
  • create new passwords for all other services you use, ideally on your desktop PC (yes, this is a lot of work and sucks but it is necessary)
  • manually reinstall the apps you really need one by one
  • this is a good time to weed out a lot of the trash apps that you might have installed