Reduce file image file size on website

The files are around 1mb. I had 2mbits and the images loaded very slow. 2mbits for 1mb of file → 4 seconds loading time. They do not have to be super res and ~200kb are usually enough for an image to provide very good resolution.


It’s huge.

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original: 945K
after optipng: 920K
after cwebp: 380K

running all the images through optipng/jpegoptim and serving up webp when supported will help a lot


It’s unusual these weren’t optimized, tbh converting to webp seems like the best idea.

PNG and JPG images on the website are already optimized, even if they aren’t optimized in the source repo. They’re optimized when the site is built by this plugin:

You can look at the configuration options for that plugin to see if adjustments could be made, but I think that it looks like further optimizations aren’t going to make much of a difference.

For the cover images specifically though, I’m fine with just converting those to WebP (and not keeping a PNG fallback). I’ll put a PR in.