Recovery Method for Proton Account (Mail)


I’ve stated using Proton Mail recently. I’ve set up my account with my Gmail address, which is my login identifier and also my account recovery email. I want to move away from Gmail, but I do not know what recovery mail to use, since my proton email address is my main now. Furthermore, I do not want to use my phone as a recovery method because it feels less secure. Is it even useful to have a recovery address/more secure? Do you know any way to solve this situation?

Thank you very much.

Don’t have a recovery address or a phone number.

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I also do not utilize any specific form of recovery. Naturally, this approach is contingent upon your individual circumstances.

Have you considered employing a recovery phrase and securely storing it offline, provided that your threat level permits such a measure?

You can only use an email address or a phone number for account recovery.

Sorry, I mistook account recovery with data recovery.

You can recover both account and data without setting a phone or email. I just tested on my Proton test account and was able to recover both my password account and my data without providing a phone number or email.

I used the recovery phrase option which does both account and data.

There are four methods of account recovery.

Account recovery: Reset your password using one of the following four options:

  • Recovery email: If you’ve provided an email address, we can send a message to that address so you can reset your password.
  • Recovery phone number: If you’ve given us a mobile phone number, we can send you a text to reset your password.
  • Recovery phrase: If you’ve enabled your recovery phrase, you’ll be able to enter your 12-word phrase to reset your password.
  • Device-based recovery: If you enable data device recovery, Proton will store an encrypted backup keychain as a file in your browser’s web storage(new window)(new window).

There are 3 methods of data recovery.

Data recovery: Recover your emails and other encrypted files using one of the following two options:

  • Recovery phrase: If you’ve enabled your recovery phrase, you’ll be able to use it to restore your emails and other encrypted data.
  • Recovery file: If you’ve downloaded a recovery file, you can upload it to restore your emails and data.
  • Device-based recovery: If you forget your Proton password and need to reset it, the next time you sign in on a trusted device using your new password, full access to your Proton Account will be restored.

Additional Source: Set account recovery methods in case you forget your Proton password | Proton

@jonah - Your previous concerns on this may have been addressed. I no longer see a similarly described notification to set an email / phone after creating a recovery phrase. It’s a much easier shade of blue :slight_smile:

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