Real alternatives to Adobe Acrobate Reader



There is Sumatra PDF Reader

Not sure if it has all the bells and whistles you want but at least it has zero ties to Adobe.


Seems to be Windows only, but I’m not sure what OS OP uses.

Sumatra is lighweight, great piece of software, but yes, windows only. It’s not feature rich as Adobe or Foxit, but it is for sure more private.

Okular is avaialbe for windows, to experience is not as good as on linux, last time I tried it. It was bit laggy and slow, but good addition to Sumatra

On Android, I haven’t found anything good besides mupdf and graphene’s reader.


Yeah, he never specified his flavor so I just assumed that it was Windows.

Linux users always tell their flavor of ice cream they like, we wear that badge of courage loud and proud.


On Android, Did you tried librera reader?

I am uncertain of the specific editing and annotation features you require, but Firefox provides at least the basic functionalities. For my purposes, these features are sufficient.

Jerm, this is a really important question since books in paperback form seem to be declining.

**I made a thread about the safest PDF reader to use here: **
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Let me know how you go!

Sumatra seems like the best one to me.

I use my web browser to view PDF files. LibreOffice Draw is wonky for me. Perhaps I’m just not used to it, but certain elements don’t work properly.