Raivo OTP f*** up

I switched phones and unfortunately haven’t enabled iCloud sync or did an explicit backup of the Raivo seeds before.

Why is the Raivo local set of seeds not backupped in the normal iPhone iCloud Backup?! Or is it able to fine the seeds anywhere?


Raivo OTP does ask if you want to sync to iCloud on setup. You can also export your TOTP settings manually to an encrypted .zip file.
If you did neither of this I’m afraid your data is lost.

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So I noticed that Raivo lets you opt in to iCloud syncing and that is E2EE. Devs are able to opt out of syncing certain data in iCloud Backup. This is just speculation, but if I was a dev on Raivo, and I knew the user specified “offline” during setup, I would probably go out of my way to disable all iCloud features, especially iCloud Backup since it is not E2EE. I think that may be what happened here. You should probably use the intended iCloud syncing in the future.