Questions about Element App privacy

Due to concerns about privacy issues that fingerprint recognition may cause, I would like to ask if I send a message to a public group on the official Element app on my computer, can group members obtain the following information about me:

  1. Time zone
  2. The version of the client used, such as what platform and what version of the client
  3. The fingerprint information that can uniquely identify my device
  4. IP address

Just like information leaked in email headers, I was concerned that Element might be leaking this information during my chat.

If you know please let me know, thanks for the help.

Members cannot access any of those things.

1 is only local for showing date stamps
2 & 4 Only server admin can access that, ie if account is on then admins
3 there is no fingerprint information


Thank you very much for your answer :blush:

They might be able to see this depending on your device name. You should check your session names in All settings > Sessions on desktop. The names shown there are public.

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