Quad9 question

Quad9 is blocking certain websites due to Italys new Anti Piracy shield.

If I am using Quad9 as my upstream DNS for pi-hole does this mean I would be subject to those blocks?

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short and sweet, thanks @jonah !

I know Quad9 is doing it under protest but, I was wondering if this issue persists and other DNS resolvers are forced to do something similar will this at all affect PGs reccommendation criteria for DNS resolvers?

Yeah, that’s a good question. Since the issue is only worsening — and also only seems to be affecting Quad9 for whatever reason—it’s probably worth considering that.

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I am actually surprised more services have not come out about what they will do. All of the reccommended VPNs have servers in Italy, and some also host publically available DNS resolvers (such as Mullvad). All the DNS resolvers could potentially be targeted with a lawsuit just as Quad9 has been. Maybe they are all just playing wait and see? :thinking:

They are going after what is presumably a soft target with no multi-billion $$$ company behind it and no well-assorted pool of Harvard/Stanford lawyers.

Once they have procured a nice verdict from the highest instance then they will go after the others …