Quad9 loses legal case against Sony and blocks pirating sites

I just saw this news and was wondering if this would call into question the “DNS Providers” quad9 recommendation ?

To recap: Sony won a legal case agains quad9 to force them to block pirating sites. Dangerous precedent against neutral providers that don’t host content.

the argument against this is what would stop sony from going after every other dns provider to block the same url? should we then call those providers into question too?

regardless, this is a disappointing result but at least quad9 fought it. most dns providers wouldn’t bother.

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Yes I know. Should we let the reader know when browsing recommendations that this precedent exist ?

Is there a way to move around the web without using DNS providers?

This is not a final judgement. It will be - very likely - overturned by a higher court that has a better understanding of how the InterNet works.

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