PWAs: Vanadium vs Brave


I’m having a personal debate over chosing between Vanadium and Brave for PWAs. Is there big security difference for a pwa between these 2 browsers? Is brave more private with its many settings? Does vanadium really add extra protection on PWAs? Which one would you choose and why?

I use PWAs for some social media apps and some shopping apps. They are soooo convenient!

It all depends on your threatmodel. If you need more added security, vanadium is the better choice, if you need more protection against trackers, then Brave.

Both will be secure enough for most folks, especially on a graphene OS phone, but the question about whether one or the other is better is only something you can answer yourself.

Personally, I just use Vanadium and let my vpn do the adblocking ;p.


I’ve made my choice. I thought I’d post the reason why for those who are interested.

I chose Brave over Vanadium for PWA. Why? Brave has a “Video playback in Brave” toggle. When i use a social media PWA with this toggle disabled, it allows me to open Youtube videos directly in newpipe when i click a Youtube video in a post. That also means i’ll need to use vanadium to play videos in web pages, because brave can’t play them anymore. It’s too little of an inconvenience to bother me though.