Provide information about Cloudflare Warp (VPN alternative?)

If you aren’t aware of warp before you, can learn more about it here
I’ve come across conflicting information on the internet and would appreciate some clarity about Cloudflare Warp.

  • What exactly is Cloudflare Warp, and how does it work?
  • How does it differ from traditional VPNs?
  • What are the pros and cons of using Cloudflare Warp as opposed to a VPN?
  • Are there any security or privacy concerns to be aware of when using Cloudflare Warp?

We know about it. It’s not really a VPN in the same way that normal VPNs are.

For example you have no control over which server it connects to, and it will connect to the closest one which is why it cannot be used to access geo restricted content. It works much the same way as the one included with Google One.

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It is mostly meant to have a private DNS to allow access via Cloudflare Zero Trust Access to enrolled devices of which the traffic can be monitored.

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