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Any comments here, with regards to the new consumer product offered by Cloud Flare called ?

Are you talking about their DNS service?

Correct, uses WARP protocol to access the internet …

It’s a decent censorship circumvention tool if you’re too cheap for a vpn

It’s similar to VPN, as it changes your IP, but you’re not able to change/choose your preferred location. Moreover, from my experience, it won’t work with download websites, alfafile.net, for example.

If you want to use WARP, Proton Free VPN is a better alternative. Or if 10 GB/mo bandwidth is OK with you, Windscribe is also a good option.

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Already use Proton VPN, but’s documentation shows it’s network provides a certain safety level by ensuring id validation, and thus provides access through a tunnel that prevents malware and phishing. So, not just DNS resolving, although, according to the website, its resolving is more rapid allowing for higher traffic speeds.
It does not allow geolocation spoofing however.

Is the purported safety while browsing not something that PrivacyGuides should explore more ?

AFAIK, it’s not blocking malware by default (, that would be Or if you use WARP app, you’ll have to go through several menus until you can turn on the malware blocking under for Families:

Otherwise, it’s just a DNS resolver through an encrypted tunnel.

Yes, it’s purported, not verifiable whether that’s the case, as the app/client is not open source. Compared to ProtonVPN or Windscribe, it’s on another level (lower).

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WARP do not bypass censored resources. Or WARP+ do?

Just started using cloudfare removed quad 9
due to them blocking certain websites. Hopefully is a good provider as well. :crossed_fingers:

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Afaik, Warp is a not a simple DNS, but a VPN. I would like to recommend it people where proton is blocked but still not sure how it works differently.

In a country where Proton is blocked, but Cloudflare isn’t, it is probably safe to assume that using Cloudflare at that point wouldn’t get much of benefit. For example, Cloudflare China Network.

IMO, in those countries, Mullvad or IVPN with obfuscation techs would be their best bet. Otherwise, they would have to resort to a VPS with reverse proxy like V2Ray, Xray, etc., which is no easy to set up properly.

Outdated info, no longer accurate

I believe that Cloudflare Warp is like a VPN, but with only limited/partial privacy attributes. I believe Warp (intentionally) does not obscure your true IP address.

In September 2019, Cloudflare released a VPN service called WARP which is built into the app. WARP is based on Cloudflare’s own WireGuard implementation written in Rust called BoringTun. It tunnels the connection between device and nearest Cloudflare data center, increasing connection speed, encrypting data and DNS requests. Connection speed gain is achieved by converting TCP to UDP traffic (both IPv4, IPv6 are supported), DNS resolution inside Cloudflare’s network, direct access to sites which are using Cloudflare’s infrastructure. As VPN exit points are located inside the nearest data center, WARP will not provide access to geo-restricted content. Additionally, users’ real IP addresses will be revealed to Cloudflare’s CDN clients, so WARP cannot be considered an anonymity measure.

WARP has some privacy and security benefits, but it isn’t really comparable to a privacy-focused VPN like Mullvad/Proton/IVPN/AirVPN/Windscribe/etc.



They are mainly aiming to use it for avoiding mass surveillance and bypassing censorship. Indeed, normal VPNs like Proton will be better with some methods. But they are not very tech savvy.

I tried it. It changes your IP address. There is so much confusion btw warp and It’s more like ICloud Relay.

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Yep. WARP is very much a VPN product like all the other commercial products which will protect your IP. Just with no way to select which country you want your traffic routed through.


I believe this was not the case when it was released and when I last used it, but it seems that changed in late 2022. You are correct. Apologies for the outdated info .


With Family, and blocking malware as well as certifying devices, might this be a service for less tech people ( with very moderate threat models ) that just want the safety aspect of browsing the internet without the hazards ?

With malvertising even occurring on Google paid sites, and Google Play not being able to certify all apps listed, how can one be certain of site safety anymore ?
My former go to, in that respect, in addition to malware software, used to be Google’s Authentication site ( Google Transparency Report ).

What is recommended or being used for those needs ?

Thanks for all responses to date.

Jonah do you have any input here ?

Well, we do list (& Family inherently) here:

There are other options linked on that page too, like the Family Friendly ControlD servers or Quad9 which has malware-blocking by default.