Proton VPN on a router while keep having server reachable

I wonder if anyone succeeded to run Proton VPN on a router and still have a server reachable from outside. Whenever I connect the router to Proton VPN the server will be unreachable. I wonder if anyone experienced this and found a solution.

I’m not seeing an easy way to do this. Port forwarding is what you are looking for, but it sounds like it is only supported in their Windows client:

I think IVPN, which does port forwarding on a per-account instead of a per-client basis, might work for you, but I’m not sure, I’ve never tried it on a router.

Otherwise you’d have to use an external reverse proxying service like Ngrok or Cloudflare Tunnels.

I would be fine if the traffic for those servers goes outside Proton VPN. Just can’t figure out how to split tunnel it.

Will have a look at Ngrok and Cloudflare tunnels. Never heard of that really.

@jonah thank you so much for the suggestion for cloudflare tunnels. I have been experimenting a bit and this actually seems to be a good solution. :smiley: