Is the free plan of ProtonVPN a good and fiable VPN?

Hi all, I’ve been looking into ProtonVPN as a good free option. Is it really? I’m concerned only with the privacy behind the VPN because we all know that Free VPN are not the most secure in privacy terms, but as ProtonVPN is based in Switzerland, they have strict privacy protections, right? I’m not sure if it’s secure to use their free service, so I’d appreciate your opinion.


Proton VPN Free serves mainly as a showcase for the premium plans. There are only 3 servers and speeds are low (servers are always loaded). So if that is ok for you, you can use it, no worries


Just remember you can not torrent on the free servers at all as it is blocked. Any service thst uses P2P will have thst happen.

Also you can only use one device on your IP at a time. Sometimes. I have experienced being able to login to Japan and Netherlands at the same time while home but if they are in the same country it stops you.

Final point is do you use linux? If so the Proton app sucks as it still keeps sucking up more and more RAM from a leak.

You can end up using GBs of RAM if you use the app for a long period of time. The client version, aka terminal, is best.

The commands are very simple. Protonvpn-cli

Then you add c for connect, d for disconnect, s for status and ks for killswitch You can find it all on their linux information page.


ok, thanks for the clarification

And yes, good tip

Your claim regarding number of free servers is incorrect as Proton has currently 3 free server locations (Netherlands, Japan, and US), and 65 servers for free users.