Proton Pass vault limitation

Appears I have hit some limitation again. Why restrict this for paid users? Why not let me just create the folders/vaults I need? @Son

Can I ask how many folders/vaults you created to hit this limit?

Had to count but 50 it seems.

strange limitation to have in place, I hope this is a bug and not intentional limitation, especially for paying customers.

May I ask you if there is any need to have so many vaults ? Is it recommended or something?

I have all my passwords, passkeys, credit cards … in the same vault, is it wrong ?

It’s personal preference, you’re not doing anything wrong.

From my limited time with proton pass, it doesn’t have “folders” so “vaults” are substituting for folders. It would be nicer if vaults had option to have folder in them.

I personally heavily use folders to manage different logins types accordingly. I would totally make two dozen vaults myself if I was using proton pass.


I just have many passwords and I want to keep them organized. Also f.x. of clients or different people I work with so that I can easily delete them or find them.

Also I keep certain things grouped so that I can keep an overview and actually clean up accounts I do no longer need.