Proton Pass decreased price

“ Thanks to the swift adoption of Proton Pass and the rapid growth of the paid Proton Pass user base, we have achieved economies of scale sooner than anticipated. For this reason, we’re decreasing the price of Proton Pass Plus from $3.99/month to $1.99/month on the annual subscription for both new and existing customers.”

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My guess is this has way more to do with the fact that you can buy a “families” bundle from Bitwarden for $3.33/month and get 6 premium accounts. This makes Proton Pass a much more competitive offering.


That’s nice I guess. But I still see little to no advantages to using this over using BitWarden.


can I ask what the significance of linking an issue that was responded to and closed over 3 years ago is?


Maybe their previous pricing of 4$/month = 48$/year was not competitive versus bitwarden pricing of 10$/year ? :upside_down_face:

Take also into account that bitwarden has more feature and existed for a longer time. the choice seems easy for me.


Maybe out of subject but do someone know why email allias are in Proton Pass instead of Proton Mail ?

You can instantly make an alias when signing up for a new service at the time of filling in your password manager.

Make sense.

I’m curious if users of the 1-Dollar Lifetime Plan will also receive a free upgrade to the Family Plan.

Thank you for posting the link to this ludicrous security “disclosure”. Gave me a chuckle.