Proton does not released the source code for their mobile Calendar app but tuta is?

i want to use proton calendar because i want to sync my calendar stuff in the future.
But after reading this i am not sure anymore to use proton for this.
So tuta is a better choice then? or maybe other ideas?


Yes, no source code available. I have never tried Tuta. Proton Mail and VPN are excellent services that I’m using. I don’t want to have many accounts. So, I choose Proton.

Nevertheless, I have no way but to use Proton’s clunky calendar app, as the PWA doesn’t work well on my tablet (to have readable texts on PC, would make texts extremely large on the tablet to the point that the UI is broken). I feel like Proton calendar is the weakest one of the batch.

Thanks for answering.
so… what are u using instead of proton calender?

Indeed, Proton Calendar is proprietary right now. I use Tuta and it’s good. You can also use Caldav :slight_smile:

I am using Proton calendar, unfortunately.

Big issue with Proton Calendar is that you can’t upload new events offline.

I live dangerously right now so I dont have my contacts synced.

I’ll probably do these over a self hosted Nextcloud instance in the near future, after tinkering more with my homelab. Hopefully something better comes before then.

Contacts or calendar?


I can only say. Contacts I haven’t had issues with other than importing for some. Nextcloud calendar is fantastic at losing your data and sync issues. Can’t recommend. I switched everyone to proton calendar and it isn’t great but it is better.

Hi there, our encrypted client for mailbox, calendar, and contacts is released open source and you can track our updates here: GitHub - tutao/tutanota: Tuta is an email service with a strong focus on security and privacy that lets you encrypt emails, contacts and calendar entries on all your devices.