Projects for a multiple VPN use

I’m trying out these. Any thoughts or other recommendation?


I have and in the past contributed to wfg/docker-wireguard and previous openvpn version wfg/docker-openvpn-client.

Dev is knowledgable and approachable.


I really think we need to start a self hosting section.

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There has been an issue open for a while Self-hosting overview page · Issue #1686 · privacyguides/ · GitHub but I haven’t had time myself to write it.

I’m thinking a self hosting overview should be written which then might have some timeless examples of using a docker container connected to a wireguard tunnel.

For that we could show a whoami or busybox container behind traefik, could show some sample docker compose files and example with docker-run etc.

This would lend itself to then linking to some blog articles that we host on be blog perhaps demonstrating setting up vaultwarden and maybe languagetool, which we were going to recommend under a languages/grammar section.

I just haven’t had the time to write it myself. In terms of the host, we should test this on a something running latest Docker - we don’t have to be specific there so it could just be Arch, which is “general” enough to work for other distributions, debian, ubuntu etc.

Fedora is a little different there as they have podman but that only really applies when using gvisor. Everything does mostly work the same with that though.

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I’ve used gluton before and I’m quite happy with it. There may be edge cases where it’s harder to use, but it gets the job done for most scenarios. My other option I’ll likely start doing is using Policy Bases Routing and have my router handle the VPN aspect instead of the server.