Problem with uploading an image file on hardened firefox


I get above result when I upload an image file on hardened Firefox (arkenfox, maybe on Mullvad browser too). This doesn’t always happen, so I thought it could be fixed. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Give the website permission to access the canvas, or use another browser. I’ve run into this exact issue and that was the fix


Life saver :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Yes this is because of resist fingerprinting. What I generally do is have a softened profile for that.


Thanks for the links! I’m assuming you’re using linux (as I’ve read somewhere you’ve mentioned Fedora). How do you manage to update arkenfox on multiple profiles? I currently do it manually but want them update automatically. Do I need to write a bash script, which I don’t know how but am willing to learn, or is there a simple solution?

The way I do it is using using a user-overrides.js. (That’s the simple way)

As for management of it:

  1. I have a main script which downloads and runs it.
  2. I use templates to manage the user-overrides
  3. Those are merged with the main config when the updater script runs

I have been meaning to tidy it up with a better solution.

This is complicated haha. So user-overrides.js is for customizing, not to edit user.js directly. Does updater overwrite cookie exceptions too?

I should study your method to make it work :joy: