Privacy risk in with several emails/domains under same Proton account


Is there a privacy risk in having personal and non-personal addresses/domains in the same Proton account?

For instance, imagine you have a Proton email address that is not tied to your identity. Is there a privacy risk in setting up an email that has your name in it (say to communicate with banks or official services)? Or in adding a custom domain that you use for work, and that is therefore tied to your identity?

I guess the answer will be “depends on your threat model”. In practice, it’s not very high, but the idea of a Proton email not tied to my identity was to separate that from my real identity, just not to needlessly give out my identity. I guess Proton would then be able to see that information together. Anyone else?

In the US I’ve been advised by a lawyer in the past not to share the same email account for certain business activities as the mailbox may be subject to discovery. To solve for this I might setup email forwarding on the box.

As far as personal activities, if your intention is to hide your identity from 3rd parties, such as companies, than your idea works fine. There would be no way for them to know (in a vacuum) that the two emails go to the same mailbox.

If you are trying to create a PM account not tied to your identity that would potentially shield you from more powerful entities, your plan is likely not sufficient.

Proton is private. Are you perhaps thinking of/concerned with anonymity instead?

sure, I am just worried about data correlation.