Privacy Leaks When Reading RSS Feeds [Repost]

I’m sorry to post this question again, but I really need an answer. If anyone knows, please let me know. Thank you very much!!

I use RSS readers extensively on a daily basis, many articles come from websites that do not respect privacy.

May I ask what traces of myself will be left when I read the articles on those websites? Like IP address and device fingerprint? Is it the same data left behind when visiting the website using a browser? What information will the website know about me?

Thanks for help.

Most privacy leaks related to RSS feeds are IP-related, and there could also be image IP trackers embedded within RSS feeds, and most commercial RSS feeds have these for “analytical” purposes. It’s been going on for a while actually

I see, this is pretty much the same as the transparent pixels tracking in emails.

Will this reveal my “fingerprint” information besides my IP? For example, operating system, time zone, screen size, RSS reader type, etc.

Depends entirely on the RSS client.

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