Privacy-friendly photo enhancer

Does anyone have any recommendations?


You could self host Stable Diffusion or realESRGAN (AI upscalers, i.e. use AI to increase resolution of images)

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What is a photo enhancer exactly?

Perhaps they mean an AI upscaler?

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To improve the quality of photos

Like a Photoshop alternative or are you looking for something more recent AI-ish kind of product?

Do you have a more specific description? Something more specific than the blanket “photo enhancer” or “improve quality of photos”?

Pardon the youtube link

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There is a local tool called upscayl.


Sorry, I’m not very good at explaining things. I’m a novice when it comes to tech and I’m still learning. I just wanted to improve the image quality and resolution for some old photos. Thank you to everyone who contributed. I’m going to look at every suggestion :+1:

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I guess you really wanted an AI upscaler. I haven’t dealt with image manipulation in a while. Unfortunately the good image manipulation software out there is proprietary and is not privacy friendly.

A self hosted AI upscaler may not be within your capability at this point but this could be a good time to start and learn self hosting now that you are interested. Unfortunately you may need a fancy and expensive GPU for that. The ballpark estimate that I hear is around 20 GB of video RAM and that amount is right along the top tier models of Nvidia and AMD.

Stick around the community maybe someone may find a good enough AI upscaler.

Back in the olden days, I used Photoshop CS2 and a fractal upscaler (I forgot the name) that does a decent enough job of enlarging raster images without too much artifacts.

I do not know if GIMP and the other free software has the capability (again, a good time to try the software). You can still try the built in resizing tools and if your new enlarged size isn’t too big (around 400% of the original size), a simple resize and sharpen pass should do the trick.

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